We are responsible towards people around us. We care about everyone who lives where we operate. We think with humility of people in need, whose life has put difficult health obstacles in their way. We make no difference – that’s why we help children in a distant slum equally as those in our country attain education. Maybe, you don’t even know but you often take part in it with us as you can find our Products in a broad range of charitable events.


We are responsible towards the Earth. We bear in mind the future of our children and that’s why we keep minimising the environmental impacts of our business. We utilise solar energy increasingly more, we reduce the negative effects of transport and minimise waste. As a proper textile company, we tirelessly look for new textile products that have the least possible negative impact on our planet.


We are responsible towards our employees. We esteem them profoundly and we want them to feel that the work they do is really meaningful. We surround them with an inspiring environment where they can grow professionally, find security in life, get fair remuneration and enjoy employee benefits. We do our best to ensure that they like their jobs and, simultaneously, they have enough time to devote to themselves or to their families. In fact, only contented people are contented employees as well.


We are economically responsible. Towards you, our customers and suppliers, as well as towards the shareholders and rivals. Everything we do is subordinated to our corporate values and ethical code. We aren’t interested in rapid success, we aim at ensuring long term sustainable growth of the company.